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7 months old……1st trip to the ER with an injury May 13, 2011

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So Yates has somehow injured his leg. We still don’t know what the exact problem is, so I will back up and start from the beginning……..

Wednesday…..after Tiffiney noticed he refused to bend his right knee and cried when someone tried to bend it, we went to the ER. After spending 3 1/2 hours there, we left with a diagnosis of toxic synovitis. That’s basically when a virus causes the tissue around a joint to become inflamed. It’s a lot like temporary arthritis and is temporary. So today (Friday) his leg is still no better. We went to see his pediatrician, and she is going to repeat the x ray Monday just to make sure there are no hairline fractures. If we are dealing with injuries at 7 months old, I shutter to think what 7 years old will be like.

Oh did I mention, he flung himself off the couch a week and a half ago? Ugh! Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone


One Response to “7 months old……1st trip to the ER with an injury”

  1. Sheila Says:

    What did the x-ray show? He is so precious. love yall

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