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Tee tee in the potty? Why YES we can!!! March 22, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Stephanie Gillespie @ 10:45 pm

Today Charlie Rogan’s teacher told me that she had mastered using the potty to tee tee. She knows and asks when she needs to go and is able to ‘hold it’ during nap time, while she sleeps. Pooping is a WHOLE other issue though. She has become a hider, and when she’s hiding, she’s pooping. I’m still very happy with her progress. She is such a big girl.

So if you, too, are proud of my Charlie Rogan, please sign up to walk with us or donate by going to (I just had to throw that in). We are running out of time here, people. The walk is May 7th, and we are no where near our goal. Please go to the website and do what you can. Also, I will be placing an order for the Team Charlie Rogan shirts on April 1st. Please email me if you are interested


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