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The little moments…. February 6, 2011

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My brother in-law gives me hell about taking pictures with my phone, but it is usually nearby, and I can grab it quickly. (So if you are reading this, Barry, sorry….my photos will be of better quality one day). Having said all that, and taking into consideration that this in fact may be a horrible picture, this one photo captured one of those little moments that makes my entire life worth every moment of pain I have ever felt.

When we came home from visiting my parents and grandmother, and before I could even get Yates out of his seat, Charlie Rogan was bending down in front of him, and kissing and singing to him. They were both laughing at each other, and when I say laughing, I mean the hysterical, belly laughing that makes everyone around you want to laugh to.

All these sleepless nights, which basically includes every night for the past two years……going to work everyday feeling like a zombie…..grabbing hot pans from the oven with my bare hands……going to work with vomit in my hair and down my back…..unknowingly wearing my clothes inside out…..all these things seemed so insignificant at that moment. (I must add that that list of unintentional acts of insanity could go on and on and on).

Being a parent is the hardest job I have ever had. Having two so close together makes me feel like I may lose it at any moment. But moments of pure happiness like this one, make my life worth living and all the hard moments easier to bare. Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone


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