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Charlie Rogan Turns TWO!!!! December 9, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Stephanie Gillespie @ 9:37 pm

It is hard to believe that two years ago today, my precious baby girl came into my life. I waited so long for her and prayed so hard. The pregnancy was hard and her birth was so scary, but from the moment I first laid eyes on that 2 pound miracle, I was in love. Over the past two years, she has changed so much. I enjoy watching her grow and develop new skills. She now talks all the time, and everytime she says ‘Mama, I want to hold you’ or ‘Bess you, Mama’, my heart melts. Seeing her love for her little brother and hearing her laugh can brighten even the darkest day.

To my dear sweet, Charlie Rogan…. Mama loves you more than you could ever imagine. I hope you are always as strong and happy as you are right now. Each day with you is an honor, and always know you have my heart.


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