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Today…..37 Weeks, 5 days October 2, 2010

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As most of you know (or atleast realize by now), I’m a chronic worrier. I think I have worried about everything possible atleast twice during this pregnancy. Lately, my anxiety has been related to the upcoming birth of Yates. I wake up everyday now and think “I cannot go into labor today because……..”. My reasons have ranged from my house needing to be spotless to bills needing to be paid. I’m sure none of this makes much sense. Luckily, I have great friends and amazing family that allow me to be neurotic and give me the space I need, but continue to check in, even if it’s just a brief text or email. Those things mean so much to me.

Today, I have decided to try not to worry for a while. I guess it’s a mini-vacation from my anxieties. I paid bills today, and my WONDERFUL sister came and helped me clean the house and prepare for the arrival of Yates. My biggest fear was being in the hospital and not being able to take care of my household responsibilities. I guess I need to be in control. Well, I’ve taken care of those things, so now I guess I am okay whenever it happens, and that big day will be here sooner than later.

At my doctor’s visit Thursday, my doctor decided that if Yates has not arrived on his own, he will induce me on October 10th or 11th. We don’t have very long……This should be an interesting week.


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