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Who Dat?!? September 10, 2010

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Since I will one day compile these posts into a book for my children, I feel the need to tell them about my love of Saints’ football!
Robert and I have both been fans of the Saints for most of our lives. Win or lose……we have kept up with the games and cheered them on. They are OUR team. One of the first articles of clothing that we purchased for Charlie Rogan was a Reggie Bush jersey onesie. We bought it while she was still in the NICU. Last season, the Saints won the Superbowl, and that was such an incredible moment in time. Charlie Rogan, you watched the whole game with us, and Yates, you had been conceived although we did not know it yet.
Tonight is the first saints’ game of the season, and it’s weird to think that before this season ends, I will have TWO little Saints’ fans to watch the games with. So….let’s go Saints! Win or Lose we love you, and we BELIEVE!

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