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Weeks 26 and 27……. July 17, 2010

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As week 26 comes to an end and week 27 begins Sunday, I am still hanging in there. I am still giving myself the 17P shots and taking Procardia, and so far it seems these medications are working. I definitely believe they have helped me to get this far with few complications. The Procardia has given me frequent headaches, and the nausea I experienced early on seems to have returned full force, but I can handle these things. If it means delivering a full term baby, bring on the headaches. The result of my glucose screening was within normal range, so that’s good news as well. One of the only side effects of the alpha-hydroxyprogesterone shots (17P) is a possible increased chance of developing gestational diabetes. I continue to see the doctor every 2 weeks and have my next ultrasound next Thursday (the 22nd). Dr. Meek wants me to have an ultrasound every month for the remainder of the pregnancy. He is keeping a close check on my cervical length and amniotic fluid level, so if there are any problems in the future, we can catch them early. Making it to week 27 means I only have 10 more shots left and 10 weeks until the cerclage is removed. This pregnancy seems to be flying by.


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