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Clothes for Baby Yates July 17, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Stephanie Gillespie @ 12:39 am

Until recently I did not have ANY clothes for Yates. As with Charlie Rogan, I didn’t feel comfortable rushing out and buying clothes until closer to the end of the pregnancy. (I do understand this is abnormal). As of today, I still have not bought this poor baby boy a stitch of clothing. Last Saturday, Mary Beth McMinn brought me a box of 6 month + clothes from her twin boys, and these are some of the cutest boy clothes I have ever seen. I met Mary Beth at the Ronald McDonald House. Her twin boys, Landon and Logan, were born prematurely, we have kept in touch as our babies have continued to grow.

Back to clothes for Yates….I plan to do some shopping very soon, but I also love hand-me-downs. I am currently on the hunt for smaller sizes (newborn, etc). So to my friends, family and other readers out there, if you have or know of someone who has some boy baby clothes that I can have or borrow, please let me know. I can’t believe my baby boy will be here in just a few months!!!! Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone


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