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Adventures in Cloth Diapering…..maybe July 6, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Stephanie Gillespie @ 12:21 am

I recently decided I want to experiment with cloth diapering……atleast part time. My mother used cloth diapers, and it seems to be a growing trend these days. To begin my experiment, I went to walmart today and bought the supplies to try it out. I bought prefold diapers, diaper covers, diaper pins and a garbage can to keep the used diapers in. I spent a total of $25. Tonight will be the trial run, but I already know the cloth diapers I purchased most likely will be far too thin to do the job. We shall see. If I choose to pursue this route, I have found a great website that sells cloth diapers that are thicker and comparable to the diapers my parents used. They cost around $2.00 per diaper.

I am excited to try this out……for so many reasons. I estimate if this works for us, I will be able to cut our disposable diaper usage in half. Stay tuned for updates………. Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone


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