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Charlie Rogan’s ever expanding vocabulary June 22, 2010

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Here is a brief run down of Charlie Rogan’s vocabulary to date:
1. Nana – my mom
2. Papa – my dad (was supposed to be Poppy but CR had other ideas.
3. Bop- Robert’s dad.
4. Bawl (ball)- she has an extreme southern accent
5. Hello – this has to be her favorite word.
6. Baby
7. Ti ti – my sister
8. Belye (belly)
9. Ellie- her friend
10. Uh oh
11. Bye bye
12. Ta Ta (thank you)
13. Dee- this is what she calls the dogs
14. Mama
15. Daddy
16. Amy -she works at her daycare

I’m sure I’m forgetting some but these are the words she says most often. Its hard to believe my baby is growing up… fast. It seems like yesterday she was so tiny and now she can talk. I am so thankful for each and every new experience with her.


One Response to “Charlie Rogan’s ever expanding vocabulary”

  1. jesica Says:

    You did forget beau and hush and outside!! Lol

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