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The First Post May 6, 2010

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So, I know that I am terrible at this, and I have neglected the other blog I started, as well as Charlie Rogan’s Caring Bridge site.  I will do better.  I am making a committment.  I did not document the journey of Charlie Rogan from conception to now.  (I really should have……she is our miracle).  Now that we are expecting baby #2, I feel the need to write about our experiences as we move from a family of 3 to a family of 4.  I suppose I should start by saying that my inspiration for this blog is my dear friend and hero, Claire Green.  She makes blogging look like such a release.  I will add pictures soon, but until then, here we go……….


One Response to “The First Post”

  1. Claire Says:

    I finally had a minute with the girls at Judy’s to FIND your blog. I don’t deserve your words, but I will take them because I am sitting here with tears reading and knowing that like me we write after the fact….after we have survived and have some perspective, but knowing the backstory to your words….it moves me, makes me proud to see how you handle each hurdle. Life is hard…but so worth every minute.

    P.S. i can’t wait to watch our 3 little misbaving miracles grow up together…

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